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Choosing Tips, Buying Tips, And Where To Buy Lawn Mowers

Having a a garden in a large yard is great, because we can be more flexible to manage a garden, such as a playground with a beautiful view, but it would be a problem if the grass that grows in our garden is not well maintained, and grown so fertile. So the view of the garden is not arranged neatly, this will be the subject of conversation when friends or relatives who visit your home after seeing the sights your garden are not arranged neatly with grasses to grow that are not maintained. With this case and probably a lot of people experience, then the owner of the garden should be more concerned in taking care of his garden, one of them grass mowing in order to have a neat look and certainly beautiful when looked at.

What if I have limited time because many activities and there is no time to take care of a garden with lush grass growing so quickly.?
This question may often be delivered to those who have activity very much and are too busy, so when a garden in overgrown grass and has a very rapid growth eventually led to a garden landscape into a look untidy caused garden owners only have time to take care of a very limited.
This actually is not an obstacle for they are with busy activity because it works, because in general the income earned will be greater and it was enough to purchase lawn mower with better technology and can reduce the time in the care of his garden. Many lawn mowers are available and you can choose according your needs and desires, however before you buy a lawn mower, you should know the choosing tips lawn mower and could be buying tips lawn mower for those of you who are interested to buy it as a gardening tool to support your gardening activities and could be equipment in caring for your a garden.

Choosing Tips Lawn Mower
In choosing a lawn mower outline is divided into 3 categories, such as riding lawn mower, push lawn mower, and robotic lawn mower. And from this category will be subdivided into the type more, for more details, I review below.

Push Lawnmowers
Its outlines push lawnmower is divided into 4 types, including:

Cylinder lawnmower 
Cylinder lawnmower is a type of lawnmower that uses a series of rotating blades at the front while the lower fixed blade, grass cutter type is suitable for use on grass with a small to moderate levels, such as the grass found in ornamental gardens. Lawn mowers is using power source of which use electricity, gas and power-driven hand manual model, and is available with a wide variety of cuts. However, the cylinder lawn mower needs to be used to cut the grass more regularly in order to keep your a garden looks nice.

Rotary lawnmower
Rotary  lawnmower this types is a type of mower is the most versatile from cylinder lawnmower, rotary lawnmower is able to overcome the different types of grass, such as grass that is in a rough area and the condition of the sloping land. On a rotary lawnmower has a blade that rotates horizontally at the height of cutting is selected, and are available as either electric or gasoline models as the driving force. Rotary lawnmowers is the best choice lawnmowers to take care of your garden by cutting more perfect, and able to handle the longer grass, if you do not grass mowing regularly.

Hover lawnmowers
As the name suggests, this type of lawnmower works like a floating just above grass. Hover lawnmowers is a type rotary lawnmower that floats on a cushion of air, lawn mower is so light is used to push and easy to maneuver. Hover lawnmowers is ideal when used for those of you who have a a garden feature curved edges, borders or flower beds.

Cordless lawnmower
This type of lawnmower has a propulsion source from gasoline or battery-powered lawnmower. lawnmowers powered batteries are cordless increasingly popular due to improved performance and lower cost from lithium ion batteries. gasoline lawnmower offers the power and range benefits of the machine, and with the additional strength provided they can also be self-propelled which makes it easier to push them on a big lawn.
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Outline driving power lawnmower push more use of electric power (battery), so please you can choose a lawnmower with an electric power source (battery) or choose a lawnmower that uses gasoline, of course, that choice must adjust the garden you have , whether large or small your garden, and how big grass growing in your garden. To push lawnmower features generally consist of several parts, including:

Once you decide to purchase this type of lawnmower that best suits your yard, then in addition to that you are disappointed after purchase push lawnmower is to find a selection of features to make work more efficient:
  • Voltage (V) on a cordless mower and amperage (amps) on a corded mower both indicate power output. Higher measurements mean more power.
  • A dual-battery system on a cordless mower extends the cutting time.
  • Engine torque measures — in foot-pounds (ft-lbs) — the force that keeps the mower blades spinning. Higher torque offers a better cut in tall or thick grass.
  • Engine displacement describes the size of the cylinder in a gasoline engine. Manufacturers measure displacement in cubic centimeters (cc). A higher cc measurement means a more powerful engine that can handle heavier cutting.
  • A no-prime engine lets you start a gas mower more quickly and easily.
  • Cut width indicates how wide a swath of grass you can mow in a single pass.
  • A self-propelled mower is either single-speed or variable-speed. A variable speed mower lets you set your own pace. You can control the speed of some mowers with either hand.
  • A blade brake clutch stops the blade from spinning but allows the engine to keep running. This feature lets you empty the grass collection bag without restarting the mower.
  • Dual- or single-lever height adjustment makes changing the height of the cut easier than adjusting a lever at each wheel.
  • Large rear wheels and front caster wheels make a mower more maneuverable.
  • A deck wash port connects to a garden hose to help you clean the underside of the cutting deck.
The next lawnmower category is the riding lawnmower, lawnmower this type consists from several types, the following choosing tips riding lawnmower, among others:

Lawn Tractor
Lawn tractor has a traditional design and operate the steering wheel. lawn tractor works very well on grass with an area from 1/2 acre to 2 acres or more widely.

Zero-Turn_Radius (ZTR) Mowers
ZTR mower, also known as zero-turn mowers can navigate various obstacles; The mower has a front caster wheels that pivot on a sharp corner from lawn. You can control the ZTR typical with a pair of lap bars or use the steering levers, although some models of ZTR mower has a traditional steering wheel. ZTR mower while not handle a variety of tasks such as lawn tractors, ZTR mower has a higher forward speeds for open areas and can cut around the flower beds, trees and landscape.
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In choosing riding mower besides the type, there are other considerations before you purchase riding lawn mower, including the transmission, features and options. information you can know about the transmission, the features and options of riding lawnmower I review as follows:

Riding lawn mowers transmission 
  • A manual transmission offers a range of set speeds you can select. Look for mowers that let you shift up or down without stopping or using a clutch.
  • An automatic transmission performs much like the transmission in a car, you control speed with the gas pedal. Easily changing the speed can be useful if you need to slow down often to work around obstacles.
  • A hydrostatic transmission works like an automatic transmission, but uses fluid rather than belts to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. This transmission offers a smoother ride, requires less maintenance and lasts longer. 
Riding lawn mowers featured and options
  • Engine horsepower (HP) measures the power output of the engine that's available to share among mower components such as the transmission and blades.
  • Engine displacement describes the size of the cylinder in the engine. Manufacturers measure displacement in cubic centimeters (cc). A higher cc measurement means a more powerful engine.
  • Engine torque measures — in foot-pounds (ft-lbs) — the force that keeps the mower blades spinning. Higher torque offers a better cut in tall or thick grass.
  • A V-twin engine on a larger tractor or ZTR mower provides more power than a single-cylinder engine, as well as reduced vibration. Less vibration means less wear, quieter operation and better comfort. A V-twin engine also runs cooler and burns fuel cleaner, extending engine life.
  • Cruise control is available with some automatic and hydrostatic transmissions, allowing you to engage one speed to mow long, straight stretches.
  • Cut width describes how wide a swath of grass the mower cuts in a single pass and is directly related to the blade number. Some small tractors have only one blade, but two or three blades are typical for tractors and ZTR mowers.
  • Deck wheels help maintain mowing height over uneven terrain.
  • Turning radius describes how tightly you can turn the mower. A smaller turning radius means you can make sharper turns — especially useful if your lawn has obstacles.
  • Speed varies by model, but lawn and garden tractors typically offer forward speeds up to 5-1/2 miles per hour (mph) while ZTR mowers have forward speeds up to 8 mph.
  • Mulching and bagger capabilities describe whether you can use mulching or bagger attachments with a mower. Riding mowers typically don't come with these attachments, but may be able to accept them.
  • Automatic parking brakes on ZTR mowers improve safety and convenience, activating as you move the lap bars outward.
  • Comfort features like a cup holder, a high-back seat, armrests, lumbar support, extended leg room and rubber foot pads make your mowing less tiresome.
Robot lawn mower
Robot lawn mower is one of the latest technologies of automatic lawn mower. Robot lawn mower is one machine which has a system of high intelligence, they also have a memory system that is good, and certainly has the auto navigation system to do the job of cutting the grass with the size of the area that has been set by the user, and the most important is to have a system to maintain cleanliness.
With more advanced technology robot mower has been equipped with additional functions such as avoiding the ultrasonic wave automatically, humanistic cutting adjustment, automatically doing work with the land contours climb or land is flat, and is equipped with sensors that can detect rain.

Technology mower of this type is still relatively expensive, so if you want to buy robotic lawn mower, then you must provides budget that is a lot or not a bit, but with the excess, then the price of robot lawn mower will be comparable to the work being done. Robot lawn mower consists of several parts that have their respective functions, the outline robot lawn mower parts I review as follows:

Robot lawn mower parts and their functions:
1. Lift Sensor
In robotic lawn mower has two sensors mounted on one unit robot lawn mower, where the sensor has a function to turn off the engine when the robot lawn mower in the lift, for example, if the robot lawn mower you lift around 20mm from the surface of the floor or the ground, then the robot will be stopped working about 2 seconds.

2. Scheduling
Robot lawn mower can be set or are scheduled to do his job, for example, you can schedule once work each day to cut the grass automatically, scheduling can be can be set on the control panel.

3. The anti-theft function
In the robot lawn mower, you as the user must enter the password that you have set properly to turn this robot. Moreover, the robot lawn mower can not be turned on without charging station and remote control.

4. The slope of switch
When doing work with the contours of the land with a slope of more than 30 degrees then you do not set it, the robot lawn mower will stop working in about 2 seconds.
5. mowers and charging stations can communicate with each other
If the virtual cable or charging station robotic lawn mowers have a problem, then the robot will stop working about 3 seconds and alarm that exist in this robot will sounding as a reminder that there is a problem that occurs in this robot.

6. Motors (either motors cutting and the motor running)
All motors used for the robot lawn mower combines highly superior motor technology, with the ability can do the work for 1,500 hours of operating time. This robot uses only the best technology ever.
7. Battery Special
Lead-acid batteries or Ni-MH batteries as the best option.
8. Rain Sensor
Robot lawn mower has a rain sensor that works:
If you activate the rain sensor, the robot lawn mower will go back to home if it finds rainy conditions while doing the job. Whereas if you turn off the rain sensor, the robot will continue to do the job mowing lawns although the conditions were rainy

9. Ultrasonic Sensor
Robot lawn mower will change its course if at a distance of 60-80cm in front locate people or obstacles with its sensors automatically. This indicates that the robot lawn mower has a high level of security during use. Because the robot lawn mower will turn around before touching humans and other objects that are in front of him.

10. The cutting options
In the robot lawn mower you can also set the high and low cutting to be done, you can set it up with a height of 3-6 cm or adjust the height of the grass to be cut.
After you read choosing tips lawnmower got here and already know buying tips lawnmower according to the condition of your garden, perhaps you have more questions in your mind, where best purchase lawnmower.? If true, then I'll try to answer and hopefully I can help answer your questions about where to buy lawnmower, This question is very reasonable for those who have very busy work activities or limitations provider lawnmower few offer products, and this makes you not have many options to choose and buy a lawn mower in the area of your residence. But you do not need to worry about this problem, because you can choosing lawnmower with a choice very much, and you can know the best purchase lawnmower on as you want.

Okay I hope the information I provided can useful and can help you who are searching for lawnmower and being confused the choice to buy a lawn mower. If I allowed to recommend, then you can chose selection of lawnmower that is below, and hopefully can help you in determining the choice to buy a lawn mower, and please you can read my other articles about garden shredder or cultivator machine.


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