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How To Choose And Buying Tips The Best Fertilizer For Crops

Fertilization is one activity that you should do when planting crops, because each plant which you plant will require nutrients to grow and produce, besides pest and disease control, fertilization can also cause your plants do not grow properly and lower production yields. At fertilization there are some things you should consider in selecting and determining the correct fertilizer for crops, because with your right to choose and use a fertilizer for your plants, then the plants can grow well and can improve the yield and quality of your crop production. The following things you can consider include:

Fertilizer type to be used
In general, you can use fertilizer that consists of 3 types of fertilizers, namely organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, and biological fertilizers, the fertilizer has its own role that you can customize with plants that you have planted. For more details, here's a little me explain the role of each fertilizer you will use.

1. Organic fertilizer
As it I explained in my article on how to choose the best organic fertilizer for crops, organic fertilizers are divided into two types, namely organic fertilizer granules (solid), and liquid organic fertilizer. In use, you can use organic fertilizer at the time of tilling the soil or growing media and you can give as a supplementary fertilizer.
Organic fertilizers can also be given to all crops, because in addition to plant nutrients, organic fertilizer can also keep the soil or growing media remain healthy and fertile. Organic fertilizer nutrients have very little percentage, but has the ability to release nutrients slowly and continuously. I recommend organic fertilizer you must do when planting crops.

2. Chemical fertilizers
In contrast to organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers have a percentage higher nutrients than organic fertilizers, the percentage of the nutrients found in chemical fertilizers has many kinds, so you can adjust to the plant growth you, for more details, I will review after discussing the type of fertilizer.
Chemical fertilizer that you can use are divided into 2 types of fertilizers, including chemical fertilizers used on soil and chemical fertilizers are used or sprayed on crops or commonly known as foliar fertilizer (leaf fertilizer). The use of chemical fertilizers are used on land you can do with 3 ways, among others:
  • Spread over the area of land, this way you can do manually and mechanically, if you want to use mechanical means, then you need a tool that is commonly known as spreader fertilizer, if you want to buy the fertilizer spreader, then you could be visiting the best purchase fertilizer spreader on amazon. 
  • Placed on the hole, the point is you make a hole in advance in the area of plant roots, after you make a hole and then you put fertilizer in the hole that you have created and then you close the hole with soil, cover the hole with soil carried out and aimed so fertilizer you give can be absorbed optimally and reduce nutrients wasted due to evaporation.
  • Dissolved then poured, this method is more effective in the absorption of plant nutrients, but adapted to the environmental conditions, if the conditions are wet environment (lots of rain) then the less effective way, whereas if the environmental conditions experienced summer, so this way will be more effectively used , because it reduces the nutrient fertilizer is wasted due to evaporation, and this way you give fertilizer can be directly absorbed by the plant.
Next up is the use of foliar fertilizer (leaf fertilizer), foliar fertilizer (leaf fertilizer) are also 2 types that you can choose to be purchased, including liquid foliar fertilizer and foliar fertilizer in the form of powder. Foliar fertilizer liquid you can immediately use, because it provided a lot of foliar fertilizer on the market that you can buy and immediately use, whereas foliar fertilizer powder, if you want to use it then you have to dissolve in water before you spray, to the concentration you can see the rules the use of existing packages containing foliar fertilizer.

3. Biofertilizer
Biological fertilizer is fertilizer that is alive, because in addition to containing a biological fertilizer plant nutrients also contain live microorganisms which is very good for the plants, biological fertilizers is very well used during the process of plant growth, in particular the use of the land damaged or infertile. and I suggest this type of fertilizer to use, because it will be a lot of benefits you can get, one of which could reduce the need for chemical fertilizers.

Choosing tips the fertilizer types
  • If you just planted a few plants, I suggest using organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers. The most important thing you can give nutrients in a sustainable manner. 
  • If you plant crops on vast land, I suggest using all kinds of fertilizers, because by using all types of fertilizers are expected to crop yields that you will get can be increased, and can keep your soil healthy and remain fertile.
  • If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments field that has been provided, hopefully I can help to answer.
if you wish to not use chemical fertilizers, I recommend if ground conditions you are less fertile or land damaged and unhealthy, I suggest to keep using chemical fertilizers then you can begin to reduce until you do not use chemical fertilizers, the way that you can do is always reduces the use of chemical fertilizer in each new planting season, and increased use of organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers.

How to choose the right fertilizer
an outline of the growth phase of plants are known to have 2 times, including the period of vegetative and generative period. An easy way to know the growth phase in between.

Vegetative phase
That need to remembered by you, that each plant has a different age, so simply in determining the vegetative phase is a plant that focus on the growth of new shoots, roots, and stems, of course, not yet entered a period of flowering and fruiting. In the vegetative phase of the plant will require plant nutrients with the content N (nitrogen) with a high concentration P content with the amount of slightly to moderate, the content of K bit, content of S is slightly to moderate, and the content of micro-nutrients slightly, needs element micro-nutrients can be set with organic fertilizer when tillage/planting media processing.

Generative phase
The simplest way to determine the generative phase is a plant that is entering a period of flowering and fruiting, during the generative plant will require nutrients with K high content of N, P, Ca, Mg medium, and slightly to moderate nutrient B, and still needs micro nutrients.

On a good fertilization you also have to consider the dose given to your plants, just a suggestion for you, before you do fertilization in particular the provision of chemical fertilizer you should already know the dose of fertilizer that can be given to your plants (SOP plant cultivation, which will be you planted ). With a good fertilization and correct, then the your plants can grow very well and healthy and can minimize the damage caused by pest attack.

Buying tips fertilizer is good and right
  • For organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers you can use in all phases of your plants. 
  • If you buy chemical fertilizer, then you must determine in advance the phase of your plants, whether you are in your plant vegetative phase or are in the generative phase. 
  • There are 2 types chemical fertilizer that is sold with the content different nutrients, including single fertilizer and compound fertilizer. Single fertilizer is fertilizer that contains only 1 type of nutrition, for example fertilizer N, the N fertilizer nutrient content consists of only N elements alone. And to compound fertilizer is fertilizer that consists of several content of nutrients, for example, maybe you've heard of the NPK fertilizer, and so forth. At NPK compound fertilizer we can understand that the fertilizer contains nutrients N, P nutrients, and K nutrient. So please you can buy the fertilizer as you need.
Discussing about fertilizing are very many and very spacious, because I can not know the what kind of plant you're growing, then I just give you the basic information that you can apply on your plant fertilization. If you have questions, please ask me, hopefully I can help to answer your questions. And hopefully from this short article I can provide countless benefits to you who have read my writings, and can assist you in determining the best fertilizer for your plants.

Thus the information that I can give you about how to choose and buying tips fertilizer for the plants is good and right, hopefully what I provide can be useful for you, and if my article can helpful to others, please share the information from this article to friends, relatives, or your neighbors, especially the new gardening or farming. And if you're looking for fertilizer for your plants, following a recommendation from me that you can choose, and if it does not find a fertilizer that you want, then you can write the keywords that are being searched. And hopefully I can help after you find the best fertilizer for your plants. and if you need gardening tools, you can visit gardening tools kit and please you can search gardening equipment you want.


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