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Hydroponic Planting Tips and Best Purchase Hydroponic Growing System

Planting plants in the hydroponic system is currently very popular is done by the people, especially those living in urban or suburban, with the lack of land they have, and as the activities of the hobby gardening, so many people are interested in growing plants with hydroponics system, especially for growing vegetables in hydroponics, or it could be to grow fruit and growing ornamental plants in the hydroponic system. Planting with hydroponics system was not just a hobby in growing crops, if you can arrange landscaping your backyard or garden properly, then with hydroponic plants that you have can be a beautiful garden landscape scenery when you see it. If you are interested in growing plants in the hydroponic system, but you are still confused and have a basic question about hydroponics system, such as:

How to know hydroponic system equipment.?
How to growing tips hydroponic system.?
Where best purchase hydroponic system equipment.?

Questions like these are very commonly asked by those who are just getting started planting with hydroponics system, from basic questions in the plants cultivation in hydroponic system, then I'll try to help you answer questions such as the above. In the hydroponic cultivation system there are things you need to prepare before starting grow crops with hydroponic systems, the following hydroponic system tools kit you can set up and once answered the question how to know hydroponic system equipment.

Hydroponics system equipment
By the time you will plant crops with hydroponics system, then you must be in need of basic equipment to be used so that your plants will can grow well, including :

Places to grow plants
Place to grow plants that you can use, among others, plants tubs, pots, or ponds. By the time you plant crops using hydroponics system you try to maintain the cleanliness of growing media on an ongoing basis, you can maintain the cleanliness of plants in a way to clean or remove other plants that you do not want, especially on beds or pool float.
some hydroponic grow system kit model that you can make like the one in the photo, if you are interested to buy it, you can simply visit the link below the photo, and you can choose way you want.
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Hydroponic Aerators
Aerator serves as a carrier of oxygen and as a tool for the exchange of oxygen around the plant roots in the hydroponic system, however, plants that you plant in the hydroponic system require oxygen to grow and develop, because if your plant is deprived of oxygen, it can result in the absorption of nutrients in plants you become disturbed, and this will greatly affect the growth of your plants.
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Hydroponics plant nutrients
Nutrition is one of the plants makes no essential for plant growth and quality of hydroponic crops, so you should be able to set the exact nutritional needs in terms of quantity, ion composition, and temperature. Nutrients hydroponic plants or fertilizer hydroponics is divided into two parts, namely macro nutrients and micro nutrients, macro nutrients such as (N, P, K, C, H, O, S, Ca, and Mg), while micro nutrients (Cl , B, Cu, Mn, Fe, Zn, and Mo).

EC meter or TDS meter
You can choose any one of such measuring instruments, what this measure is important.? These tools are very important and necessary if you want to plant crops with hydroponics system, because in general the quality of the nutrient solution that you give can be determined by measuring Electrical conductivity (EC), the higher the concentration of nutrient solution you provide,
the higher the electric current is delivered (because the thick salt and ion accumulation affects the ability to conduct electricity the nutrient solution). For nutrient solution you can make your own by concocting special hydroponic fertilizer for hydroponic crops and dissolves or you can purchase a commercial hydroponic fertilizer that can direct you provide.

pH meter
such as EC meter or TDS meter, pH meter is also needed when planting hydroponics, the function of the use of pH meter is to control the pH found in the growing media hydroponics, and you should know also that the temperature of the water must often do you control to be maintained on certain conditions for optimization of hydroponic plant you have. Temperatures that are too low and too high in a nutrient solution can lead to reduced capacity in water and ion absorption of nutrients in plants, vegetable crops optimal temperatures between 5-15 degrees C and fruit trees between 15-25 degrees C. Some vegetables and fruit plants need you hold, because there are plants that have a certain level of pH and EC for optimal growth.

DO meter
This tool is used to measure oxygen dissolved in water hydroponic media. So in addition to the basic equipment for the plant, the hydroponic system also need a measuring tool that I can say quite complete.
but you can buy 1 measuring tool that has the ability to measure 3 at once. if interested to buy hydroponic measuring tool, you can visit the link below this photo, and please choose hydroponic measuring tool that you will buy.
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Hydroponics system tools the main requirements that you must have if you are interested in the plant cultivation using hydroponics system, if the equipment is to prepare, then you have to know the other important points, such as you must know tips to hydroponic growing system, I will explain a little about simple tips hydroponics plant, and hopefully can be the answer to your question about how to plant tips hydroponic systems, the following is a short review.

Growing Tips Hydroponics System 
Needs light
Outline plants would need light for life processes, so when you set up a place in your home for hydroponics you should be able to put on a location that can receive sunlight such
as you outdoors gardening, and if you want to put on indoor gardening, then you should prepare a needs light, you can add lights to your hydroponic plants, if you want to buy a indoor gardening tool, you can read more tips in my article about reason why using indoor gardening. As for nutrition hydroponics does not need light, nutrients hydroponics is best stored in a place that has air cool, dark and not exposed to light directly and sun, this is done to avoid temperatures that are too high and the emergence of growth alleyways or algae on the system hydroponic you have. Algae does not directly harm your plants, but can reduce the absorption of minerals is given of a nutrient solution by plants and can cause nutritional pH value up or down from the optimum range.

His name is also hydroponics, of course, the water needs in the hydroponic system is very important to and become one of the ingredients that are supposed to provide. So that you can successfully grow with hydroponics system, then start by using good water, do not use the raw water or water containing chlorine or other substances (pollutants) to mix the nutrients you are giving. Just a tip just for you, rainwater usually have good quality with EC / PPM is low,
but you have to make sure before use, the use of rain water can be filtered first, because it feared a lot of dirt from the roof / tiles are brought into the shelter. To determine the quality of the raw water, you can use the measuring instrument EC meter or TDS meter as a tool for testing the quality of raw water test. For additional information, if you do not find water which is good enough, then you can be sure the raw water to be used does not exceed 150 PPM.

Besides light and water, plants also need a good air for growth, air (CO2 and oxygen) is needed in approximately the leaves for photosynthesis plants, and oxygen is also required on around the plant roots. If you plant in the hydroponic system using a greenhouse, then you should make sure air circulation in good condition, if a greenhouse that you have not yet had a ventilation duct, then you can make a good ventilation and adequate as a place to turn the air in the greenhouse that you have,
if you want to buy a greenhouse, you can read more tips in my article about buying tips greenhouse. Aside from existing air around the plant, you can provide oxygen delivery through aeration hydroponic nutrient solution you provide, so that in the solution will get enough dissolved oxygen to support healthy growth of plant roots. dissolved oxygen in the hydroponic nutrient levels can you monitor using a measuring instrument such as DO meter. Try to maintain the levels that exist in the dissolved oxygen above 6ppm more, actually a lot of ways you can do for supplying oxygen to the nutrient solution, one using the air pump + air stones are commonly used for the needs of pools aquarium or by way of circulation of nutrients.

Minerals and nutrients / fertilizer
This is the most important, you should always use hydroponic nutrients, make sure not to use fertilizers are commonly used for plant that grown on land, you can buy common nutrients for hydroponic method, find qualified of hydroponics nutrients
suppliers. If you want to make or mix their own hydroponic nutrients, look for the main ingredients are good with mineral salts that have a good quality "agricultural class".
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Right temperature
You should know that the optimal temperature on the environment and temperatures that exist in the nutrient solution will be different for each type of plant that you grow, but that the plant will require a temperature of nutrient solution hydroponic above 18/20 degrees C and below 28 degrees C, a sufficiently high temperature in the nutrient solution can lead to decreased levels of dissolved even be unavailable if the solution temperature is hot enough.
The high temperature in the nutrient solution significantly inhibit the growth of your plants, high temperatures can also affect a faster growth such as in certain plants become bolting (premature aging of the plants), besides plant growth is not good, high temperatures can also make the flavor of the vegetables become bitter.

pH adjustment is very important if you grow with hydroponics system, if you provide the nutrients pH is too high or low of the optimum range, it will make specific nutrients in nutrition will become unavailable to plants. the best pH for each type of plant varies, but a good range for most hydroponic crops is 5.8 to 6.2.

After you know the hydroponic system equipment, and you are begin to know growing tips hydroponic system, then I'll try to answer the latter question is where best purchase hydroponic system equipment. That you should consider is whether you will create your own hydroponic system in your home or buy a set of hydroponic systems (especially for those of you who have a very busy time). If you want to create your own then you just need to buy parts of the equipment it, and for those who have a busy time you can buy one device hydroponic system that you can immediately use, recommendation of hydroponic systems supplier from me is the options below, if you do not find suitable then you can write the keyword you are looking for, and hopefully be able to answer the last question, and you can get hydroponic system equipment you want.

besides gardening using hydroponics system, you can also gardening outdoors, such as gardening by using a garden greenhouse or gardening by using the raised garden bedthe advantages of gardening with hydroponics system with the placement outside the home, then the plant can get more sunlight. In the context of to get the best results from growing with hydroponics method, we all need to learn techniques and good management practices of some of the above, the more you master the knowledge of growing with hydroponics system, then you do not have to worry about the lack of land or places you have.

Okay, maybe that's all the information from me what I can tell about tips to grow hydroponic systems and tips on buying equipment hydroponic systems, hopefully the information that I have given can be useful for you who are already willing to read my writing this brief, and hopefully can help you that want to grow plants with hydroponics system. And lastly, if my article for interesting and useful, you can make reference to the source link writing of this article, or you can share this article to a relative, friend, or neighbor who intend to grow hydroponically. And I'll see you in my next article, and you can also provide a reference for me about gardening equipment that can I review by sending an e-mail to me at And thank you for everything.

Source :
Affan, M.M.F, 2004, High temperature effects on root resorption in hydroponic system, Master thesis, Kochi University


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