Thursday, July 14, 2016

What Types Best Organic Fertilizer For Plants

The use of organic fertilizer on crops or in gardening highly recommended to be done a continuous basis, because by giving the organic fertilizer in a sustainable manner then the will you get the benefits from organic fertilizers, the benefits organic fertilizer for plants is able to provide complete nutrition both macro and micro, repair and keep the soil or growing media remain healthy and fertile, and more importantly, and more importantly, is can provide a place for the survival of microbes in the soil and it was very good for the survival of your plants, because there is the role of microbes, one of which produces hormones or growth regulators are naturally to your plants.

There are two types organic fertilizers that we use, such as organic fertilizer granules (solid) and liquid organic fertilizer, so if you do not have time to make own organic fertilizer hopefully this article can be a reference for you to know the the best choice organic fertilizer for your plants , In the selection of organic fertilizer granules various literature say one indication of good organic fertilizer that is the material used, whereas for me any organic material that have been through the composting process by using microbial decomposers was well used, the most important thing you can give organic fertilizer sustainable manner, while for liquid organic fertilizer is technically the same as the process of solid organic fertilizer, but if you want to buy fertilizer liquid organic I suggest you see or read a description from a liquid organic fertilizer products you want to buy, you can choose a liquid organic fertilizer with descriptions contain microbes that are good for the plants, the written content of C organic, and contain growth regulators for your plant.

If you want to buy granules organic fertilizer, there are several options that you can choose if you see the materials used, such as bat guano, vermicompost and organic fertilizers regular or standard, for more details please read the following reviews:
Bat guano
This type of organic fertilizer is best used for crops, especially for your favorite plants, organic fertilizer made bat guano
from bat droppings, with materials that are more difficult to get to make organic fertilizer bat guano has a price that more expensive than other types of fertilizer, because this type of fertilizer in the category best organic fertilizers and special.
Vermicompost (worm castings fertilizer)
(castings fertilizer) is manure produced by earthworms, making process vermicompost is overhaul of organic materials made by earthworms, organic fertilizer vermicompost (worm castings fertilizer) is one of organic fertilizers are special because the nutritional content of organic fertilizer vermicompost (castings fertilizer) is very complete including nutritional value N 0, 63%, P 0.35%, K 20%, 23% Ca, 26% Mg, Na 0.07%, 17.58% Cu, 0.007% Zn, Mn, 0.003%, 0.79% Fe, B 0 , 21%, 14.48% Mo, cation exchange capacity (CEC) 35.80 meg / 100 mg, the capacity store water 41.23%, and humus acids as much as 13.88%, all of this composition is perfect for the growth of your plants, This content is owned by the standards of organic fertilizer vermicompost. The organic fertilizer vermicompost is a source of nutrients needed by the soil microbes, with the availability of an abundance of nutrients, it makes soil microbes will continue to grow, and with the abundance of soil microbes that are good for the plants, so the process decomposition of organic material in the soil can be faster, and the benefits organic fertilizer vermicompost others are can improve soil fertility.
Organic fertilizer standards
Organic fertilizer standards is an organic fertilizer in the manufacturing process using a commonly used material, such as cow dung, sheep or goats, rabbits, poultry, and foliage, the result of organic fertilizer from animal waste is also strongly influenced by the consumption of animal feed, but if you want to buy organic fertilizers of this type then the simply you can get a little know the some of the following information, usually organic fertilizer from rabbit droppings better from goat or sheep manure, while the organic fertilizer made from goat manure is better from the material cow manure, so the smaller the source producer of organic material, then the better the quality.
While for poultry manure if the material produced by fattening chickens then the the decomposition process so have a very important role and duration of decomposition, because fertilizers from this material is more susceptible to the spread of plant diseases, especially during the rainy season, I recommend the use of fertilizers of this type in vegetable crops, it is such as my experience when applying for fruit trees, plants become more susceptible to disease and can not last long.

How Do you already there the best choice of organic fertilizer for your plants.? Hopefully after you read my writing this short can be helped in choosing the best organic fertilizers for your plants, and if you are confused and do not know where to best purchase organic fertilizer, so if you do not have time to spare, you can purchase organic fertilizer on amazon online store, because at this online store a lot of options that you can choose to be purchased such as Bat Guano organic fertilizer, vermicompost organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer standards. For organic fertilizer provider in the amazon online store very much so you just select it, to organic fertilizers providers of including, the product from job's organic fertilizer, Dr. Eart organic fertilizer, Espoma organic fertilizer, Miracle-Gro organic fertilizer, and many more, so please visit to select and purchase organic fertilizer at, and do not forget to read the description from each product you want to buy.

Okay reached here the discussion about the type of organic fertilizer is best for plants, hopefully what I write can be useful for those of you who have visited my writing this short, and if I can help you in reference solid organic fertilizer to the needs of your plants, then you can see the options available below, and hopefully you can find it helpful. 


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