Thursday, July 14, 2016

Where Purchase Rice Transplanter.?

Rice Transplanter is one of the agricultural technology that is now being developed and used in different countries that cultivate rice. Definition of rice transplanter itself is a type of rice-planting machine that is used to grow rice seeds have been seedling on a special area with a certain age. Rice transplanter machine is designed to work on muddy land (puddle). Therefore, rice transplanter machine designed lightweight and equipped with devices float that functions to facilitate the move to the muddy area. With limited manpower and rising costs of production in rice farming makes use of rice transplanter machine be the solution for workforce reduction planter. In the selection of rice transplanter when viewed in terms of the price of then the technology from Korea, Taiwan or China be a choice that you can choose if you want to buy rice transplanter, because the products offered are more affordable in terms of price.

The parts rice transplanter
In general the parts rice transplanter consists of several parts, including:
Travelling Devices
This part serves to move to the front and rear transplanter.
Feeding Devices. This section consists of : 
  • Seedling Tray, which serves as a place to put the nursery to be planted. 
  • Seedling Stopper, which serves as a barrier contained in the seedbed seedling tray.
  • Seedling Feeding Pawl, this section serves to move the seedling tray right and left in order to making the nursery can be evenly distributed.
Planting Devices, this section consists of :
  • Planting Arm, which serves to move the fork to the grower.
  • Planting fork, which serves as a tool maker nursery seedlings from a seedling tray.
  • Operating Devices is a means of controlling the operation consists of a motor, clutch, gas, versneling, and brakes.
With the use of rice transplanter machines and from the test results a little can conclude that the use of rice tranplanter machines could increase the potential crop yields of rice cultivation, because, by planting using the rice transplanter machine rice seedlings planted are still young, and on planting rice seedlings shallow, this will greatly influence the adaptation of rice seedlings after planting to be good, because roots of rice plants in the position of topsoil, making it easier for roots of rice plants to grow well and can produce tillers of rice plants become much more.
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That's some of the benefits from the rice transplanter machine can you know, if you are interested in buying rice transplater machinery you can use products from the technology Korea, Taiwan, or China, instead of the my promotion but if we look at in terms of price then the from to three of these technologies much friendlier in terms of price.

Where purchase rice transplanter.?
If you are confused and difficult to find rice transplanter
machines in your place, then you can purchase at the largest online store such as aliexpress, because when you want to buy rice transplanter in online stores aliexpress then the many products offered, and you just search from a selection of rice transplanter that provided and who knows you are interested to buy it.

Hopefully this short article discussing about where purchase rice transplanter machine could be helpful and useful for those of you that searching for information about rice transplanter machines and wants to buy it. Okay see you at the next discussion.


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