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List Of Agricultural Machinery, Farm Equipment and Gardening Tools

Supporting factors in order to succeed the agriculture and gardening will not be separated from the supporting factors that could facilitate and maximize the process of cultivation in agriculture and gardening, one of which is agricultural and gardening machinery technology and their complementary supporting equipment. Agricultural machinery and gardening technology is currently very diverse which can be equipped with supporting equipment of which has a small size to a large size. In this article, I will try to give you information about the modern agricultural machinery and some types of machines that can be used for your gardening activities, and of course, along with several other supporting farm equipment, perhaps you can use to customize your site conditions.

In agricultural machinery and machine that you can use for gardening activities, I was classified into several parts, including the main machine of course, is tractors machine equipped with other farming equipment to the process of tilling the land, then machine mulch used for the installation of mulch, planting machines, spraying machine, garden shredder for organic materials, harvesting machinery, and gardening tools that you can use or have it. Okay, we just go ahead discuss one by one, and maybe this article will be very long, so I hope you are not bored to read the list of agricultural machinery, farm equipment and gardening tools.

Tractor is one of the vehicles that are commonly used in agriculture, plantation and construction. These vehicles are designed to do the job with high traction at low speed. On the use of tractors in the agricultural sector functioned as the main engines to attract other farming equipment such as hoppers or tools tilling the land. Tractors for me is the most important machine as supporting agricultural activities, with added some additional tools, the tractor has a function which is very diverse. if you want to buy tractors on amazon or buy tractor on then you have to adjust to the needs of your work, because a lot of choice tractors that have different functions, such as:
  • Crawler tractor, the tractor has a low speed, using a chain wheel, and has the ability to do heavy work, such as bulldozers, scrapper, and loader.
  • Two-wheel tractors, tractors of this type widely used in Asian countries and developing countries, with a smaller size and a more affordable price makes this type tractors owned by many individuals. Tractors of this type has a single-axle tractors or more often called a two-wheeled tractors.
  • High clearance tractors, tractors which has a distance between tractors body and the ground (ground clearance) is high, tractors of this type is very suitable for work on vegetable plantations or treatment plant buds.
  • Orchard tractors, tractors used for fruit plantations, can do the job by adjusting the crop rows vines or fruit trees planted. Tractors of this type has a fairly slim size and easy to use banked time.
  • 4WD Tractors, 4WD tractor there are 2 options that you can choose if you want to buy 4WD tractor, the first 4WD tractor that on front wheels smaller than the rear wheels while the 2nd has a front and rear wheels are equally large, tractors of this type have a traction great so it has a strong pull for heavy work.
And there are many more types of tractors that you can buy, of course, by adjusting the purpose of use you would do. whereas for the driving tractors power capability is divided into several types, such as:
  • Micro tractors, tractors of this type has a power <17 hp
  • Mini tractors, have propulsion 17-29 hp
  • Tractor being, have propulsion 29-60 hp
  • Large tractor, has a propulsion 60-107 hp
  • Very large tractors, tractors of this type have enormous capability that is >107 hp
Of the many choices tractors that sold, there are several types of tractors to perform work activities requiring additional equipment, commonly used in agriculture or plantation. Can you combine the use of tractors with a machine or tools to tilling the land, as I will explain below.
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Machinery or the land processing tools
Processing the soil before planting the seeds the plant is work to be done by the farmers, this is done to get the land as a medium or places to planting became loose and crumb. With the condition of the soil that has been processed properly it will make the plants are easy to grow, especially the growth of plant roots will become better, because the roots will more easily grow with loose soil conditions. As explained previously, the use the land processing equipment would need the help of tractors as propulsion, propulsion at the polls, you have to adjust with the work you will do, whether heavy or light work to be done. There are so many types of machines or tools to tilling the land with different capabilities for each agricultural support tools to tilling the land, some types can you know such rotavator, harrow plate, cultivator, harrow comb, and plow.

Rotavator or rotary tiller
Rotavator is a tool that you can combine it with tractors in tilling the land, rotavator is a plow which consists of knives that work with spinning on a layer of soil. This type consists of a plow blade that can do the work of hoeing and mounted on a rotating shaft, the shaft is driven by a motor so it can rotate. This plow is commonly found in processing rice fields to rice cultivation.

In the field there are 3 types that if you want to buy rotary tiller that you can use, such:
  • Pull mode with additional engine (pull auxiliary rotary engine). In this type of rotary plow has a special motor that serves to drive the plow, while for the movement in advancement of rotary plow pulled by a tractor.
  • Pull mode with drive PTO (power take off driven pull rotary plow). This tool is coupled to tractors via three point hitch. To rotate this plow is used as the power of tractors PTO, there are 2 options that you can use for your work, such as rotary hoe harrows and rotary cross harrow.
  • Type rotary plow the garden has its own drive (self-propelled garden type rotary plow). This tool is found on the tractor that has 2 wheels. This type rotary plow moved by tractor driving through a chain or belt found on the tractor, and you can also install it directly on the axle. If you want to buy rotary cultivator to this type, then there are several options that you can choose in the market, such as rotary plow in the front section and the rotary plow at the front. And of course you also consider the ability to customize the driving force of your farming land.
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Disc Harrow
This tool is was tied on puller axle through bearings, so that during operation or pulled by a tractor, then their dishes can rotate. By turning the disc, it is expected to reduce friction and prisoners of land (draft) happens. The disc plow can be beside the framework or be under the framework.

Each disc of disc plows are usually equipped with a scraper that is useful in addition to cleaning sticky soil on the disc, it also helps in reversing the pieces of land. To withstand the side pressure that occurs when the plow cut the ground, disc plows are equipped with rear furrow wheel.

Some of the advantages that you can get from using this plow is:
  • Can work hard and dry ground
  • Can work on sticky soil
  • Can be used on rocky ground
  • Usable land rooted
  • You can use on land which requires workmanship is inside.
Disc harrow can also use before plowing, on this job disc harrow is used to cut the grass on the ground, and you can use to destroy the surface of the soil, so the soil evenly (furrow slice) after getting the job of disc harrow and can better relate the sub-grade. It can also be used for weeding, or to close the seeds are grown scattered. If you want to buy disc harrow then there are several options including a disc harrow that has the ability to single-action if at the time they cut the ground just throw the soil in one direction only or disc harrow has the ability to double action when the disc is located at the front the opposite direction by the disc behind the throwing soil.
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Tooth harrow, drag, tow, or sweeper
Tooth harrow have a tooth that looks like a nail and consists of several rows of tooth attached to a frame. rake this type is used for smoothing and flatten the ground after plowing the first and is used when the condition of the land is still wet, the intended use of tooth harrow such as to create loose soil made when plowing first, or can be used in the treatment plant so that the soil remains loose and you can also use for weeding on the new plant. if you want to buy a rake of this type there are several options that you can choose include you can buy tines harrow, drag harrow, tooth rakes, tow rake and sweeper rakes.
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Moldboard Plow
Plow Harrow is a tool used to flick back the soil on the processing of land, usually the tool is used on process first plowing. Plow harrow can be used for an assortment soil types and is very good to turn the soil. Part of the plow harrow were cut and turn the soil called bottom. A plow harrow may comprise one or more bottom. Bottom is constructed of the main parts, namely:
  • Moldboard
  • Share
  • Land-side
The third main part tied to the so-called frog. The unit is connected to the frame via the stem puller (beam). At the time of plow moves forward, the blade (share) cut the ground and directs pieces / scraped soil (furrow slice) to the later part plow plow will receive a piece of land and because of curvature, then the piece of land to be reversed and broke. The curvature of the plow is in contrast to the conditions and different soil types in order to obtain a reversal and a breakdown of good soil. if you want to buy moldboard plow, plow in the field usually consists of 2 types, including plow with a knife in one direction and the plow with 2 directions. Here is an example of a plow that can know.
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For a cultivator, I categorized into 2, namely as equipment and as a machine. cultivator as equipment likely to be used for weeding grass or used for treatment, but cultivator as machinery such as rotary tiller can be used to tilling the soil, machines tilling the soil has a spec that is smaller than the tractor, the machine is also generally have 2 wheels like hand tractors but having a size smaller than hand tractor, power tiller has a more affordable price and is ideal for those of you who have the land is not so wide. If you want to know more details about cultivator (power tiller), then you can read my other articles garden tiller or cultivator. Whereas if you want to buy cultivator that you can use as a supporting activity of gardening, then you can choose a cultivator with a type of large, medium, and small, for example, you can see the photos below.

Mulching machines
Mulch machine is used on land that has beds, mulch used is plastic mulch with the kind of common color is a silver color, the use of plastic mulch we often encounter on the cultivation of horticultural plants, one of the benefits of mulching is to control the growth of weeds, keep the erosion on the soil surface, maintain soil moisture and many more. And now there is the latest technology in the mulch installation, and can be combined with a raised bed on the ground. For example, as in the picture below.
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Planting machines
Planting machines is equipment that serves as a tool to grow crops, the user can be done by pulled by driving machine, driven or manual, and there are several types of planting machines connected to the driving machine, such as rice transplanter machine, for more details about the transplanter machines you can read my other article rice transplanter machine. Planting machine or tool support in planting very much at all, machines are commonly used are corn planting machines, potato planting machine, peanut planting machines. So if you want to buy planting machines, you should first prepare a budget that is appropriate for the type of planting machine that you want, because of the options, the price offered from cheap to expensive. From the system works planting machines we can know as sowing planting machines, planting machines line system. If you want to know what types of planting machines, you could look like the example on videos at the end..

Fertilizing machines, machines for controlling pests and plant diseases
In improving the productivity of agriculture, then fertilizing, pest control and plant diseases is a job you have to do, with the continued development of technology, now many options available to facilitate you in fertilizing, pest control and plant diseases. With the presence of machines or tools such as fertilizer spreader machines, machines or tools to control pests and diseases will be easier for you to care for your plants and make your job easier and more efficient, using technology on agriculture, it is expected that you can reduce the cost of agricultural production, solve problems shortage of labor, and can increase the productivity and quality of agricultural products, okay we will discuss them one by one.

Fertilizing machine
Fertilization is a series of processes that must be carried out by farmers, whether it is done before (spreading organic fertilizer) or after planting used as supplementary fertilization. The use of fertilizer spreader machines aims to facilitate the farmers and provide work efficiency. Spreader fertilizer machine available with many options including for the love of gardening with the land that is not so wide, you can choose the machine fertilizer spreader that has spec smaller, while for farmers with arable land area could use the machine spreader fertilizer with a spec larger, So when you want to buy fertilizer spreader machines you should adjust your arable land.
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Machinery and tools to control pests and diseases
In the control of pests and plant diseases we still use the tools that we used to know spraying equipment, but for pest control you can also use a tool that is now widely used is the electronic pest controllers. From 2 to this tool certainly has its advantages and disadvantages of each, for more details please continue reading this article.

Spraying equipment
Spray equipment is one of the supporting equipment to control pests and plant diseases, many choices sprayer that you can use, if you want to buy sprayer first you have to adjust farming land you have. For choice, there are sprayer that have a large capacity and sprayer with a small capacity. A variety of sizes and types of sprayer in the market, from a small size to sprayer with a large size that can be connected to the driving machine such as tractors for spraying plants. In addition to controlling pests and plant diseases, sprayer can also use to spray fertilizer, especially liquid fertilizers.
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Electronic pest controller
The next tool that you can use to control the pest is a electronics pest control or electronic insect killer and commonly known as the bug zapper. The weakness of this tool is to have a range that is not so wide, the use of those of you who have a vast farming land should need this tool much more. Use of this tool is very suitable to be applied on gardening activities with small scale or if you garden in the yard or backyard, if you are interested you can buy electronic insect killer or commonly known as a bug zapper, a lot of options that you can customize to land you have, and this tool also can apply in the house to control mosquitoes or insects in the house.
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Machinery and irrigation equipment
Irrigation is also important with other treatments, but irrigation will more specifically use when conditions dry season or summer. Many irrigation systems that can be used to support the activities of cultivation by farmers, such as drip irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation, and machinery irrigation with a spec larger, this machine is intended for the cultivation of the vast land or condition where more experienced dry season or summer. So when you buy irrigation system, then you have to adjust to the condition of your place. Some examples of machinery or irrigation equipment you can see below.
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Harvesting machinery
Harvest is a series of work activities on farming activities, at the present time the use of harvesting machines are widely used in the agricultural sector. With the advancement of technology in the agricultural sector makes the job easier and faster, and more important with advances in agricultural technology is able to solve the problems of shortage of labor in the agricultural sector. It is undeniable that the shortage of labor or decreasing number of young people interested in agriculture as one of the concern for most countries in the world. With the presence of the latest agricultural technologies that can meet the challenge, as an example of harvesting machinery. Many types of harvesting machines that exist for today, starting with combine harvesting machines for cereal crops, harvesting machines for corn, harvesting machines for tuber crops, harvesting machinery for sugar cane crops, and many more types of harvesting machinery is now was present to facilitate the farmers during the process of harvesting, to know the price of harvesting machinery, you can see it in the list of price harvesting machinery.

That's some list of machines and agricultural equipment as a support for your agricultural activities, from agriculture we continue to discuss the machinery and equipment used for the garden or gardening, some machines that you can know, among others:

Lawn mower
For those of you who have a garden or page that planted with grass as a decoration certainly familiar with this machine, but for those of you who are just starting to make a garden at home then this equipment you must have if you are a garden overgrown with lush grass. As my previous reviews about lawnmowers that if you want to buy a lawn mower outline has 2 options that you can choose if you want to buy it, which is a large lawn mowers and small lawn mowers.

Of these options will be divided into several types that you can choose, if you have a spacious garden then you can choose a mower with a spec larger (riding lawnmower), you can buy a machines tractor mower or buy ZTR mower , while for small lawn mower (push lawnmower) then you will be given four options, including a cylinder mower, rotary, hover, and the last is a new technology that is commonly known as the robotic lawn mower, or you can buy lawn mower on So if you want to buy a lawn mower for the purposes of your garden, then you can choose among options that have been described and certainly have to adjust the spacious garden you have.
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Garden shredder
For those of you who have a garden then filled with trees is very lush, it will be a problem if the waste produced by the trees (twigs, leaves or tree branches that fall) in the park that will be scattered and very messy if you do not take care to clean it, of course, with this view and there are others who visit your place, it will have the assumption that your garden is not maintained, or for farmers who are confused in the recycling of waste agricultural products, such as waste corn yield, rice, and waste other crops then you can use the machine to be me review a bit. Well, for you who often find these conditions, then you can try using one of the machines that you can use in gardening activities, agriculture, or caring for your garden in the recycling waste generated by plants.

Machines are commonly known by garden you can use this shredder to recycle the waste produced by the trees in your garden, such as waste tree trunks, branches, or leaves that falling from a tree in your garden. The workings of garden shredder machines can you know have in common is the size of twigs, stems, or leaves will be cut into smaller with blades that are in the garden shredder machines. Waste with a smaller size can later be utilized again be material to make organic fertilizer, with a smaller size also facilitates the decomposition process conducted by microbes (the time required in composting faster), with you have one you can get benefits double given by this machine.

If you are interested to buy garden shredder on or buy garden shredder on for the needs of gardening, farming, or for those of you who are confused in making use of organic waste, then you need to know information about garden shredder, as described in my previous reviews about the garden shredder. In the reviews I was explained that outline when you want to buy garden shredder you should know how much types of organic waste will be destroyed, because of on choice of garden shredder there that have the ability to destroy the little waste (leaves and twigs that have small size) and there is also the type of garden shredder capable of destroying organic waste with a large size (leaves, branches, and tree trunks), so from that choice should you have to adapt to the conditions that you often encounter and of course do not forget to learn the description of the products you will buy.
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Container for compost
After you process the waste of gardening as the previous explanation, then you can try to use this tool to accommodate and be a place for composting of waste that you have destroyed earlier by using garden shredder. Compost tumbler or compost bin can make you be a neat place for the waste generated by your garden has a storage place and a place for producing organic fertilizer which is done at home. If you want to buy compost bin or compost tumbler then you can customize by your gardening waste production, whether the amount is very much or little, when you know how much waste is produced, then you can adjust the size of the compost bin or compost tumbler that you will buy.
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Vortex brewer
Vortex brewer is one of the technologies that you can use on agricultural or gardening. The working principle of vortex brewer is round the water as stirring, mixing, material extraction, and an increase in dissolved oxygen. coupled by good microbial nutrients, will increase the activity and microbial populations quickly within 48 hours of microbial populations can be increased approximately 200-fold, and the process continued as bio-dynamic.

By using a vortex brewer, we can make a potion bio-activator, pro-biotics, multiply the good microbes to plants quickly, then it could also be used to make liquid organic fertilizer, made biological pesticides and various other ingredients, and of course can be very useful for agriculture, plantation, livestock, and fisheries, the most important in making potions, you can adjust with the intended use. If you want to have your can prepare a hefty budget to buy vortex brewer.

Hydroponics system
Hydroponic systems is one method that we can understand as a way of farming with the use of water are prioritized. In the method of farming or gardening using hydroponics system is currently widely applied, especially in urban farming or for those who own the land are minimal, for those of you who are new to the this cultivation system then you can read my article other about hydroponic systems, in the article I have already informed some tips that you can do when planting plants with hydroponics system.

In hydroponic systems there are some things you should prepare, some of the equipment you need to prepare them hydroponic equipment, measuring instruments, and of course, special nutrients for hydroponic plants. For hydroponic equipment you can make it yourself, but if you do not have time to make it, then you can buy hydroponics growing system. As for the nutrients you also have to buy hydroponic nutrients on the farm shop that provides hydroponic fertilizer.

Agricultural machinery, farm equipment and gardening tools was greatly assist the work of the farmers, but if you already have the machines and equipment that I mentioned, but you do not have this equipment, then I can guarantee you will be a cluttered place. Well, garden sheds are also highly influential as a repository for agricultural equipment and machinery or gardening you have, storage shed is the attribute that is very important that you can enable to save a lot of machines and farm equipment or gardening in your home, in the absence of storage sheds, can be sure your house will be a mess. In the previous discussion I have reviewed the garden sheds, if you want to buy a garden shed there are several options that you can choose, such as garden sheds wood, plastic and metal materials. So please you can choose according to your desire when you want to buy garden sheds.

How.? Too long article that I wrote.? Hopefully you do not get bored while reading it. Okay, maybe just this information that I can give to you, to update machines and other farm equipment will I give on opportunity in the future. And may I convey the information that can be useful and help you get to know agricultural machinery, farm equipment and gardening tools. If this article useful, then you can share this information with others so that later they can also get to know the latest agricultural technologies that can be applied to the area of their farm. in addition, you can see some agricultural machinery and gardening tools on video below.


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