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How To Grow Tomatoes From Seed In Hydroponic System With Ease For Beginners

Planting tomatoes using hydroponics system you can try at home, especially for those of you who live in urban areas and have a narrow piece of land. As the needs of the household then grow hydroponic tomatoes could be a solution for those of you who have limited land. How to grow tomatoes hydroponically is actually not as difficult as you think, if it's still the learning stage I thought it was a natural thing, but with the more frequent you try then it is possible you can master the cultivation of plants with hydroponics system, at the stage of learning the most important thing you can know the basic hydroponic plant cultivation or hydroponic growing tips, and of course the most important and the main capital for you is a strong will and passion to keep trying or practice it, learn from mistakes until you really get to master the science of plant cultivation using hydroponics system. One of them is that you can quickly master the knowledge about how to grow tomatoes from seed with using hydroponic systems.

Planting tomatoes hydroponically in general you can try with a variety of hydroponic techniques, but this time I will give you tips that are more flexible, easier, and cheaper to use, especially for those of you who are just learning or are interested in growing vegetables hydroponically. Planting techniques with using hydroponic system especially tomato plants on this occasion is to use the technique to grow plants hydroponically using wick system, why I chose this technique because this technique can be easily practiced by you who are are new to know grow plants with hydroponic systems, and of course cost you spend on hydroponic techniques with wick system is inexpensive. For how to create a hydroponic system is simple by using wick system, the first step is you can prepare materials to be used, for material that we will use customized types of plants that you will plant, on this occasion is a tomato plant, so to make a hydroponic system is simple with using wick system, for equipment and materials required as follows:
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Tools and materials
  • Buckets/pot with a diameter of at least 25 cm.
  • Small pots in diameter of 8-10 cm. 
  • Styrofoam (if any styrofoam waste that can still be used and be able to close the bucket, then you could use, if you want to buy, you can buy a little thick, because it is used to prop up small pots and plants).
  • Flannel.
  • Knife or scissors (for making holes in the bottom of the pot is small, this hole is used to enter flannel).
How to make a simple hydroponic system using wick
  • Cut sheets of styrofoam in the size of the hole the top bucket / pot.
  • Once you make the size of the styrofoam, then you can make a hole in the Styrofoam in a central position to support small-sized pots (pot plant).
  • Once ready, the next step you create a hole striped two sides in pot planting, input flannel on planting pot holes, for mounting you can see in the image.
  • After the above steps you've done all and ready, then you can put the pot on styrofoam hole, and then put the styrofoam on bucket / pot.
  • Simple hydroponic system with wick system is already finished and you can use.
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Once the hydroponic wick system already finished you created, then you also have to prepare the material that you will use to grow tomatoes hydroponically, for the materials you need to prepare, among others :
  • Tomato seeds
  • Planting medium (a mixture of humus soil, rice husk, gravel bricks, gravel zeolite, if there cocopeat can you put into the planting medium, if you are still confused, you can ask it to me in the comments field).
  • Rockwool.
  • Seedling tray
  • Nutrients hydroponics (AB mix or organic nutrients for hydroponic plants) you can buy at the farm shop that sells hydroponic plants need, if you are confused to find where you can try to buy hydroponic nutrients on
  • Raw water
  • Chemical pesticides can be organic or customized to your taste (this is necessary to guard your plant pests and diseases of tomato plants).
When you grow tomatoes surely you must know the nutritional needs of tomato plants, is done so that you can make the dose of nutrients hydroponic or nutritional AB mix appropriately and give according to the growth phase tomato plants, and you should remember that tomato plants has 2 growth phases including the vegetative phase and generative phase, on to the 2 phase of the growth of tomato plants require different nutrients, if on vegetative phase tomato plants require more nutrients to the solution A, then when the crop enters the generative phase of his nutritional needs will reversed ie require more nutrients on packaged or nutrient solution B, for plants tomato nutritional needs are 1400-3500 PPM and pH 6-6.5.

After you create a simple hydroponics and know the nutritional needs of PPM and pH for tomato plants, then it's time to plant them. Okay we just discuss how to grow hydroponic tomatoes, how to grow tomatoes from seed in hydroponics system includes a tomato nursery, planting tomatoes, tomato care, and harvesting tomatoes.

Tomatoes seedlings
  • Cut rockwool with seedling tray size then input roockwool already cut one by one on seedling tray hole, and do not forget to water the seedling media, and do not forget to make a hole in the middle for the seed placement.
  • Once ready, then you can open up the seed that you have purchased and then enter on hole rockwool 1/1 seed that you have prepared.
  • Once done you can put on a dark place or it could be by covering with baking pan, and do not forget the humidity is maintained seedling media.
  • After 3-7 days usually start to germinate and grow, after growing you can put in a place exposed to the sun but not directly, you can put in place above it the lid.
  • If the seed already has at least 3 leaves, you can actually transplanting, the most important thing you can keep from the sun directly, because the seeds are still small.
While you are waiting or have already seen that the tomato seedlings are ready to be planted then you can prepare the planting medium tomatoes hydroponically, please you can mix a planting medium that you have prepared as described above, and should be remembered for determining the amount of water in the bucket not too much, you can give 2/3 of the volume of the bucket you use, and always give room for the oxygen needs of the plant.

Planting hydroponic tomatoes
After the seedlings and planting media are ready, the next step you should do is certainly grow hydroponic tomatoes, during transplanting tomato seedlings you can move with caution or reduce damage to the roots of tomato seedlings, it is intended that the seeds do not experience prolonged stress. After the seedlings are planted then the next step is a hydroponic tomato plant care.

Hydroponic tomato plant care
Care you have to do is control the nutrients in the water media you use or the addition of a nutrient solution, this was done due to environmental influences such as temperature and evaporation also contribute to reduction in water media and nutrients are reduced because absorbed by the plant, for the provision of additional nutrients you can count measuring as I described above. And you should remember that the growth phase tomato plants that have 2, so the needs of hydroponic nutrients that you provide must correspond with plant growth phases.

In addition to controlling the nutrients tomato plants you also do not forget to control plants from pests and diseases tomato plants, if you grow in small amounts and find pests such as mealybugs, trhips or pests that are visible to you, it can be controlled manually by taking pests you find.

Harvesting tomato plants hydroponically
Harvest tomato plants hydroponically can do if tomatoes have changed color or tomatoes turn red, while age of the harvest tomato plants in the range of 65 days after planting (transplanting), age harvest tomato plants well adapted to the seed you use, for more details you can read the information that you buy seed packs. After harvesting, the tomatoes you can store in the refrigerator or you can directly process into cooking.

What do you think.? Too long article on how to grow tomatoes from seed in hydroponics system that I wrote.? Hehehe sorry if it is too long, because I only aim to provide you with more detailed information, especially for those who are new and want to plant crops with hydroponics systems, how.? the cost is very cheap right.?, the most important thing easily understood by the reader. Okay, maybe that's all I can give to you hopefully useful articles on how to grow tomatoes from seed in hydroponic systems, and do not forget to share tips on how to grow tomatoes from seed in hydroponics systems be easily as I write this, so many people who know how to grow hydroponics tomatoes. I also once tried to grow melons using wick system, you can see on the video below. and do not forget to leave your comments about the video.


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